Alternate CONTENT for Years 4 and 6

In 2017 we are trialling an alternative content for year 4 and 6 classes (or 3/4, 5/6) that have also attended the program in 2016 (when they were in year 3 or 5).

This alternative content includes:

  • A quick review of the DRSABCD Action Plan
  • How to recognise and manage heart attack
  • How to recognise and manage stroke
  • The first aid for a sprained wrist

Students will still receive a certificate of attendance, a first aid manual, a roller bandage and triangular bandage.

WHY An Alternative Content?

The addition of heart attack and stroke has been prompted by recent instances of children recognising these conditions in their parents and sending for help.


One example is 9 year old Noah Mattani who helped save his mum:

As did 11 year old Tevita:

Being trained in what to expect and how to react will give more children the confidence to act in these situations.

It also meets the needs of those schools who participate in the program every year and wish to have more variety in the topics covered.

The alternate content is only recommended for class groups that have retained the information from 2018 to a high degree. It will be offered on an opt in basis.