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Restocking a Kit

St John can ensure that your first aid kits are always fully stocked, via onsite kit services or through an ordering system. To arrange for St John to provide you with a reordering service, go to Buy a Kit or Product.

Once you have your first aid kit, it is best practice to have the kit replenished or serviced on a regular basis. Most kits will have approximately a 2 year shelf life. However, over time you may have used items, damaged items, and expired items.

St John can assist customers meet their First Aid requirements and obligations under OH&S Regulations with a choice of restocking service options for First Aid kits and supplies, as follows:

Option 1 — Restocking Service Schedule

Drawing on our extensive national network we provide our customers with personal restock visits to ensure compliance with OH&S regulations.

The restocking schedule is tailored to meet the needs and frequency of each site. This may range from quarterly visits for large outlets to six monthly or annual visits for smaller businesses.

Site visits include:

  • Our representative visiting sites on an agreed schedule;
  • Cleaning kit containers - examining the integrity of the content, checking the expiry date of pharmaceutical items, replenishing the content to an agreed list or to meet OH&S regulations, and First Aid risk assessment recommendations;
  • Removal of waste; and
  • Placement of a service label on the kit.

Option 2 — Self-Managed Restocking

Orders of First Aid kit consumables can be placed with St John via phone, email or online as required.

First Aid Kit Survey

St John offers a kit survey service that can be conducted on an initial restocking visit to provide customers with an up-to-date assessment of all their First Aid equipment across Australia.

The kit survey service includes a comprehensive assessment and can include the following:

  • What kit/s are located at each site and the suitability of location, for example by department;
  • The condition of each kit and if a replacement is recommended;
  • Evaluation of kit appropriateness for site and location in accordance with OH&S regulations; and
  • The contents are checked and assessed against customer specification.

Data is compiled by St John and reported to the customer.

To arrange for St John to provide you with a reordering service, go to Buy a Kit or Product.