Resources for Schools

While unfortunately the Free First Aid Skills in Schools Program is only funded for years K to 6 in the ACT at the moment, there are some resources available for teachers and community group leaders to start introducing first aid in the classroom at other year levels. These can also be used to reinforce first aid skills after a First Aid Skills in Schools session. 

St John is keen to support teachers as much as possible at all school levels as well as community group leaders including Scouts and Guides.

There are some handy fact sheets on our website that might be useful if you wish to do some first aid with your students. They are not as good as having a trainer there but any exposure to first aid is always a good thing!
Please register your use of them as per the instructions in the link below.

St John First Aid Fact Sheets:

St John also offers discounted accredited and non-accredited training to school groups. Please see Other Courses Suitable for School Students for details.

Follow On Resources and Information

Always be wary of first aid information found on the internet through wide searches.
Not all techniques used in other countries are supported by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

If doing research for teaching purposes, we recommend using information from
Australian organisations such as St John Ambulance that keep up to date with the ARC Guidelines.

Please contact Twisty at if you have any queries, need further help or wish to share what you are doing in your school.