Event Health Services

Servicing Your Event

St John Ambulance ACT is the leading provider of Healthcare and First Aid Services for all kinds of events within the ACT. As an accredited Healthcare and First Aid Provider with the ACT Government and ACT Ambulance Service you can be assured that using our services will meet the needs of your event.


Broad Range of FIRST-AID Options

St John Ambulance ACT has a range of healthcare options and can match the needs of your event. Please contact our team to find out more about how we can provide a solution for your event.

Health Professionals Using a combination of volunteer First Aiders, First Responders, Nurses and Paramedics we can deliver professional first aid and health care to your event and ensure your participants and spectators have access to quality pre-hospital emergency care.

Bicycle Emergency Response Team Using our elite trained First Responders we can deliver rapid response teams for large events such as Marathons, Running Festivals and Fun Runs and other large area events. Our bicycle teams effectively reduce response times to incidents and cover events over large distances.

Medical Assessment Teams For acute care and high risk events such as Music Festivals and Extreme Sports St John Ambulance Australia ACT can provide you with quality prehospital emergency care. Using a team of Emergency Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics we are able treat and manage patients who require a little more than just first aid on site.


Our Volunteers and Staff

Through regular ongoing training and annual competency reviews our volunteers maintain the highest level of quality first aid skills and pre-hospital emergency care knowledge. St John Ambulance ACT and Australia has a clinical review capability to ensure best practice and innovation in products, training and services.

Our volunteer delivery model comprises of Health Care Professionals which include Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics. These members also form the Medical Assessment Teams at high risk events.

Our event organisers with event planning, bookings and any other administration required.


Contact Event Health Services – St John Ambulance ACT

Reception: 02 6282 2399

Email: events@stjohnact.com.au